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Sustainable Women’s Clothing FAQs

Where can I buy sustainably sourced clothing for women?

Whether you're shopping for sustainably sourced denim, sustainable swimwear, or fashion-forward women’s clothing, WHBM has you covered. With a wide range of women’s clothing, WHBM offers sophisticated and sustainable pieces to add to your wardrobe and help reduce your carbon footprint. Add a few environmentally-friendly items to your cart today, and watch how confident and empowered you feel while wearing them.

What makes WHBM’s women’s clothing sustainable?

The clothing in this collection is sustainable due to the sustainably sourced fibers and recycled materials used for production. Refer to a specific product's details to learn more about the factors that make it eco-friendly. You can read about what fibers are used to create our sustainable women’s clothing pieces and feel better wearing them.

What types of sustainable styles are available at WHBM?

Sustainable women’s clothing sold at WHBM consists of pants, shorts, tops, swimsuits, and so much more. There's a wide variety of environmentally-friendly clothing styles and diverse sizes to choose from at WHBM. We want every woman to feel powerful and confident in their clothes, and we also understand the importance of sustainability in the fashion world.

Can sustainable clothing be fashionable and sophisticated?

When you think of sustainable women’s clothing, you may imagine items that are drab, lacking in color, or not as fashion-forward. Fortunately, that's not true at WHBM. Our collection expertly combines sustainable practices with modern and sophisticated styles.

The pieces in our collection of eco-friendly women’s clothing are well-made, providing the wearer with structure and comfort. Discover sustainable jeans, stylish swimsuits, and more at WHBM.

What are the benefits of wearing environmentally-friendly women's clothing?

Wearing environmentally-friendly clothing offers several benefits. One advantage is the ability to reduce your carbon footprint. Since our clothing is made with sustainably sourced fabrics, fewer resources are used during production.

Additionally, all of our sustainable styles are modern and made to reflect the latest fashion trends, allowing you to look and feel your best in eco-friendly clothing.