Your New Year’s Eve Party Planner

It’s the calendar’s most shiny, dolled-up night of the year, it’s New Year’s Eve. Don’t worry, it won’t require 6-month-out reservations or printed RSVP cards. There is no time like the present to make the most of this year.

The final hours are upon us to pull out all the party-going stops — commiserate with your chums about how fast time flies, sip a carefully themed libation & wave in the rearview mirror at how far you’ve come since last year. Here are some sure-fire ways to ensure you spend the stroke of midnight in your happy place.

Bring the Party to You

Hosting may seem overwhelming, but it is the straightest path to make your night memorable & guarantee your type of fun ensues.

Take advantage of the evening on your turf & opt for a dress that you’d never want to cover up with a coat. Also, it’s best to steer clear of any dramatic sleeves or hanging ties as even the most prepared hostess might have to pitch in & get her hands dirty. Instead try playing up your accessories for that big punch.

Plan a fun activity for after midnight when the night’s energy is at its best — flip cup, Pictionary, or even give your guests the option of having a shake & spray champagne fight in your backyard with mini champagne bottles.


To really get the most of your night of mixing & mingling, it never hurts to wear a conversation piece. We love these hematite sparklers to light up your night & draw all eyes on you & yours. For the best fireworks viewing, be sure to pack oversized blankets & a thermos of spiked cider or marshmallow-loaded cocoa for sharing.

Sing Auld Lang Syne at the Top of Your Lungs

A karaoke room is a killer plan for the big countdown! There’s nothing more cathartic than singing your heart out with lifelong buddies & new-found friends. It also creates the perfect intimate setting to share your most memorable moments of the past year & watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Reserve your New Year’s Day afternoon for video calling long-lost & long-distance loves that you may not get to connect with as often as you like. It will make loved ones feel special & you feel like you’re kicking off 2023 on the right foot.

Cook a Daring Recipe & Steal a Kiss from your Honey

New Year’s is the perfect time to reach for the stars & out of your comfort zone by attempting a next-level recipe & an out-of-your-box look like this rockstar boot. After dessert, look for the closest seat to the mistletoe & cozy up for a midnight holiday movie marathon or look up your local theater playing your favorite trilogy & see how far you can get.

Party Hopping & Show-Stopping

Whether you’re headed to the big dance party or making several cameo appearances around the neighborhood, you want to leave a lasting impression while making it look easy by staying elegant against the clock.

The secret? Pack a freshen-up arsenal in your itty bitty chic clutch. It’s all about what makes you feel recharged, but we suggest electrolyte packets to replenish you. A translucent powder to keep your shining where it belongs… on the dance floor. Breath mints so you’re always ready for some close-up time. Eye drops for when the heat & cold air dry you out & a hair tie or bobby pins in case you get windblown or wet.

Game Night & Gratitudes

Let’s face it, staying in can be just what the doctor ordered some years. But there’s no reason it has to feel like just another night in. Dress the part, buy the silly noisemakers & commemorate the last minutes of 2022 with a group game night complete with prizes. Pop in those easy appetizers where the oven does all the work & share your gratitudes around the fireplace. It will make for not just another night in! After you declare a victor for the night you can let your guests know the prize money goes to the charity of the winner’s choice.

End the night by asking everyone to write a small resolution in a group text for accountability. Keep them doable, like a virtual seminar, clean your closet day or a “plan your next vacation” deadline.