Your Airport Uniform Just Got An Upgrade


"Behave appropriately,” “Dress appropriately,” “No offensive clothing,” “Avoid clothing that is lewd, obscene, or patently offensive.” For decades now, a form of this language has appeared on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. Although not explicitly enforced, you will notice a large percentage of people follow this dress code when traveling, leaning into business casual more often than not.  

Of course, when thinking of your airport uniform, you’ll have to factor in the destination, length of plane ride and comfort level. Dressing too formally can leave you uncomfortable for hours, and going too casual can leave you vulnerable if running into an old boss or crush. So how do you perfect the science of dressing well at airports? Fashion icons, A-list celebrities and stylists seem to hit the nail on the head every time, achieving the perfect balance between chic comfort and pull-together — all while seeming as if they did not try. Because dressing for a flight can be a complex equation to solve and holiday travel might see you frequenting your local airport, we put together the below tips to ease your traveling heart.  

Why Do People Dress Up For The Airport? 

Before we get into airport uniform options, you might be wondering why people dress up for the airport in the first place. Sure, there are a plethora of pajama pants, baggy sweatshirts and athleisure that fill the gates, but among them are still those individuals that stand out in a crowd. Believe it or not, there is a growing community online who believe airports should have a dress code, banning people from wearing anything that looks like they rolled out of bed.  

People like dressing up to airports to show resistance against the slobbish status quo, hoping that they will set an example. But selfishly, this practice was also done in hopes of gaining a seat upgrade. Unfortunately, when you dress better, you get treated better. And the decision to wear fancy trousers or a coat, could be the difference in sitting coach or business.  

Plus, passengers who dress well to airports are aware of the practicality that comes with wearing real clothes in transit. The logic goes like this: if you’re wearing on loungewear or athleisure that you don’t plan on wearing on your trip, you’re wasting precious suitcase space. Wearing boots or a winter coat on a plane will save you space and act as the pinnacle item to design multiple outfits around. And lastly, dressed up travelers feel that when you look good, you feel good. This can apply especially if you need to go straight to a meeting or event upon arrival. Simply put, looking good directly makes you feel better about yourself and situation.  

But how do you dress up to an airport and still feel comfortable in-flight? Is there a way to look put-together without feeling restricted? Short answer: yes.  

Top Airport Uniform Outfits



We love button-up dresses or blouses, power pant suits, and jumpsuits for those looking to dress to impress. This secret to nailing-the-big-meeting ensemble is great for businesswoman or anyone who wants to look a bit more put-together while flying.  

The Quiet Luxury Formula 

A linen shirt with linen trousers, soft-to-the-touch matching sets, and tailored jeans and a structured top are the formulas for the ultimate chic airport look. Not to mention, a great nod to quiet luxury. Add in luxe accessories like tennis bracelets, dainty chains, and hoop earrings.  

The Red Eye Traveler 

If your travel plans include flying through the night, you might want to emphasize sleeping on the plane. For this, you could be looking for a comfortable outfit to snuggle up in. Our go-to: the The Passporter™️ Slip On Wide Leg Pants and The Passporter™️ Slip On Cardigan. Both pieces are made of buttery soft fabrics — ideal for traveling and can be worn on the plane, then straight to the office. It's equip with two front pockets for all your essentials, and a self-tie belt to cinch the waist.

The 5-Star Hotel Member 

For those with fancy post-flight plans, like checking into a posh hotel or meeting a future client for work drinks, you might want to lean more on the professional side. Our suggestion: pleated or printed trousers that add a sharp and professional edge to your outfit. 

The Polished Preppy Traveler 

Opting for a button-up and wide-leg trousers is the easy route to polished prep. Wide-leg trousers are flattering and stretchy, great for long flights. Made from cotton, linen and other fabrics, they stretch and mold to the body without ridding up while sitting. This elevated look can be completed with loafers, flats, a chic handbag and simple jewelry.  

What Shoes Are Appropriate to Wear to An Airport?  


TSA recommends wearing slide-on shoes for work or personal travel, to avoid extra time at security lines. These shoes are not only comfortable (remember airports can involve a lot of walking, sometimes even running), but easy to get on and off — saving you and the people behind you some time. Slides (think: loafers, flats, clogs, mules and more) are also versatile enough to wear on your trip, as ideally, you’d be able to walk in them all day.  

Clothing To Avoid Wearing Through Airport Security 

Going through airport security, especially when running late, can seem like such a chore. What should be a speedy process, can take hours depending on the line. And why does it always seem like the rules change? Some airports allow you to remove your shoes, others want you to leave them on. Some request you place all bags in a bin, others want the bag directly on the conveyer belt. Or, some say remove all coats and hats, while others are more lenient. It’s a good idea to peruse the airport’s website to get clarity on the do’s and don'ts at their TSA check point.  

Might we also suggest opting for TSA PreCheck, the trusted travel program allows you to fast-track security lines. For a fee of $78 that covers a five-year membership, with PreCheck, you don’t have to remove liquids, laptops or shoes when going through security. And if you travel internationally often, Global Entry is the way to go as it speeds up travel when clearing customs upon entering the United States. Global Entry also gives you free access to TSA PreCheck so you get both for the price of one.