WHBM Celebrates International Women's Day

WHBM® Signature Blazer in Stiletto

Be empowered and pay it forward. #IWD2023 celebrates women and all we bring to the table.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and drive awareness of gender equality. Since 1911, International Women’s Day  has recognized the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, while helping to promote women’s equality. Why do we celebrate IWD on March 8? That was the first day of a significant women’s strike in Russia in 1917, after which the women were granted the right to vote, and the date stuck and has since become recognized as an annual event by the United Nations. While International Women’s Day is a national holiday in many countries, in the United States the entire month of March is hailed as Women’s History Month. Given the current global threats to women IWD has never felt timelier.

At White House Black Market, we celebrate women every day. As a brand, we empower every woman to embrace her complexity with looks that are feminine yet strong, sensual yet sophisticated, attractive yet approachable. Because we believe that no woman is any one thing.

To celebrate IWD, we’ve selected eight career women who already love our brand and wear it in their chosen profession, and we’re gifting each with a stylist session at their local WHBM boutique, plus a gift card. But that’s not all. We want these incredible women to be able to pay it forward, and to do that, we are giving each of them another gift card to give to an important woman in their own lives. This could be their mentor, or someone they're mentoring, it could be a colleague, or a friend. The choice is theirs.

Here’s who they are and what they had to say:


Meet Lilly @prlilly

Lilly is a public relations professional in Virginia. “I love WHBM for their timeless pieces that are stylish and sophisticated,” she says. “WHBM fashion allows me to express my individuality with polished looks for any work occasion. The confidence WHBM fashion gives me is unmatched!”


Meet Sherree @sherree_burruss

Sherree is a reporter in Stamford, Connecticut. “I had a cheerleading coach once tell me the sport Is ‘about doing something hard, making it look easy and looking good while doing it.’ The same goes with fashion - when I look and feel good, that confidence will carry over.”


Meet Liliana @lilianamichelmx

Liliana is an interior designer in Arizona. “Feeling comfortable every day, at any time, and anyplace is something that as women we all SHOULD be able to feel,” she says. “And that’s what WHBM does for me, giving me comfort and style at all times.”


Meet Chelsea @chelsealovell_ a reporter 

Chelsea is a reporter in Buffalo. “White House Black Market has made me feel confidently styled whether I am on air or in a sash and crown!” she says. “I get compliments non-stop about my clothes. When I get asked where I shop, I am proud to say WHBM!”


Meet Martha @miss.olive.teaches.english

Martha is a teacher in Connecticut. “I know that when I go into WHBM, I will find something (or, more likely, many things) to add to my wardrobe that make me feel amazing, both creatively and professionally,” she says. “I teach middle school and looking “cool” to my students lends itself to better relationships and classroom environments. I know that when I wear WHBM, I’m going to feel good, love the way I look, and likely find success. At the end of the day, [the brand] feeds my creative soul and empowers me to be the best teacher, best leader, and best version of myself.”


Meet Tamera @teaching.the.tinies

Tamera is a teacher in Florida. “Fashion plays a huge part in empowering me as an educator,” she explains. “It allows me to get creative and show pieces of my personality through what I wear. My students and colleagues love seeing me in my different outfits every day because they never really know what they are going to get. Whatever it is, they will always see an empowered and confident woman behind the outfit. WHBM is one of the best places to help me shop and showcase my creativity!”


Meet Ashley @ashyzimm

Ashley is an attorney in New Jersey. “‘Look good, feel good, do good,’” is a motto which has inspired me since entering the legal profession,” she explains. “Thanks to White House Black Market and their work wear collection, I have never felt more empowered, beautiful and stylish in the courtroom and office. Their suit separates are the perfect combination of femininity and professionalism. Every woman deserves to feel this confident and bold while being a trendsetter in their career.”


Meet Debbie @perfitlypetite

Debbi is a teacher in Florida. “When I dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and confident, I am more likely to project that confidence onto those around me,” she says. “This confidence helps me in a variety of professional settings such as lecturing to students or attending networking events. WHBM helps build my professional image and self-expression, which ultimately has a big impact on my professional success.”
This year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #EmbraceEquity, is all about creating a world where all women are treated equally. It’s a goal we can reach if we all work together and support each other. We hope you’ll join us.