The Perfect Feminine Tops for Working From Home


Working from home can be challenging in a lot of ways. If you have a family, it might mean finding the time to spend with them or scheduling breaks throughout the work day to run errands. Working from home can also prove difficult for your productivity levels — being in the same place you relax and work can feel difficult when faced with a deadline. Research has shown time and time again that the key to making it through a successful work from home day is by getting dressed as if you were heading into the office. 

Sure it can feel silly to wake up, shower, go through your skincare and makeup routine and put on a professional outfit to sit at a desk a few feet away from your bed; but since working from home is still work, it’s beneficial to act like you are in work mode, apparel and all. And although many offices adhere to a casual dress code, while video conferencing with your coworkers, boss or clients, workwear will always be favored over pajamas or sweat sets. And if putting on a full outfit, bottoms and top, is too much of a stretch for your WFH vibe, then a polished top is a great place to start. 

And work tops don’t have to be a total snooze-fest either. In our edit, polished, feminine tops include playful florals, embellished or cap sleeves, ruffle accents and unique details that are all comfortable and smart. In general, your work tops should double as professional and an interpretation of your personal style. 

Ahead, a couple of our favorite work tops styles. Keep checking back for new variations and silhouettes throughout the season to nail your professional style. 

Sleeve Party


Our embellished, cap or balloon sleeve tops are a great way to incorporate volume into your home office look. Some days are filled with back-to-back meetings and a lot of time spent in the camera seeing yourself, why not make what you’re seeing playful and confident. 

Prints + Color


Fun pops of color and bold patterns are a great way to feel professional without going formal. For more important meetings, you can always throw over a blazer to appear even more professional. 

Unique Details


Front and back keyholes, added texture, wrap-around details, statement buttons and ruffles, these unique details exude corner office energy. Each of these additions will give you a confidence boost to nail your next presentation or meeting. 

Looking to add more styles to your work from home wardrobe? Swipe through the site for more in polished tops, suiting, tailoring and more.