The 4 Best Appetizers For a Superbowl Party


Between the nail-bitting anxiety watching to see if your team will win, or the in-house rivalry bets placed for how many touchdowns will round out the third quarter — easy snacks melt the stress away and act as great companions to the live sport. Whether you're hosting Superbowl this year, or attending a watch party and don't want to go empty-handed, keep reading for touchdown-worthy snacks and treats, no matter which team wins.

7-Layer Bean Dip


Your tailgate wouldn't be complete without a classic 7-layer bean dip. And yes, you can easily purchase this from any grocery store, but making it with this simple recipe will taste so good, you'll stick to the homemade route. Simply grab refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese — and layer them in that order in a large serving tray. Top it off with onions, olives, salsa or anything else for an extra crunch.

Dip-Loving Queso


The warm and cheesy dip is a classic among sports fans. Grab fresh or canned tomatoes, chillies, cheese and cilantro. Heat all in a large skillet over light to medium heat for a total of 30-45 minutes.

Potato Skin Bites


Perfect for game day, potato skin bites are the loaded apps that are easy to reach and even easier to devour. Start by slicing the potatoes to the thickness of your desire. Next, add on shredded cheese, bacon bites, and any salt seasoning. Set on cooking tray and heat at 375 for a total of 25 minutes. Top off with salsa or green onion.

Pigs In A Blanket


The perfect party appetizer. Grab some crescent dough or puff pastry for the exterior and stuff it with a sausage or hot dog. Next, brush with butter and add your preferred seasoning (salt, everything but bagel, onion, sesame seeds, or shredded parmesan). Heat for a total of 12 minutes and enjoy.

If you're short on time and running to the grocery store is more attainable, we suggest grabbing pinwheel sandwiches, a veggie platter, chips and salsa, and a litter of soda. The key is for this to be as little stress as possible so you can sit back with family and friends and enjoy the most watched televised sporting event. Hope your team wins!