Procrastinated on Holiday Shopping? Shop Gift Cards


It is ill-advised to think that easy gifting and lazy gifting are not always mutually exclusive. No, the two do not have to be the same. Take gift cards for example. If you purchase a gift card for a friend or loved one from the long wall of options while waiting to checkout at a grocery store, that might look lazy or panicked. But if you purchase from a store or service they frequent, it actually is thoughtful. Really, the fact that they make great last-minute gift (no pressure for shipping on time) is just a bonus. 

Ahead, read on for more reasons of why gift cards are the ultimate gift for the holiday season.

What Makes a Good Gift Card? 

The dilemma of finding the perfect gift for someone special has struct all of us. When gifting a gift card, you should make sure it either goes towards something specific on their wish list or falls in line with stuff they use or do every day. In fact, getting them a gift card to somewhere they frequent shows how well you actually know them. It’s only impersonal if you had no thought to the destination and it ends up being a place they would never shop from.  

What Are The Benefits Of Gift Cards? 

Gift cards are also a great gift to give to people who seemingly already have everything, the receiver who is hard-to-please, or coworkers and distant relatives whose hobbies you aren’t familiar with but you feel obligated to gift. With clothing especially, it can be offensive if you select the wrong size. But buying a gift card allows them to keep their sizing private and shop around for what speaks to them.  

Additionally, gift cards give right to a guilt-free splurge. Countless people feel guilty about treating themselves to an item on their wish list, but with a gift card, it feels fun and okay to finally splurge on the long-waited item. Likewise, gifting a gift card gives the recipient freedom to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.  

Some people struggle with gift cards because they aren’t hard cash. And although people say cash is king, if you give someone cash, they might feel guilted into saving it. But buying them a gift card to a store front or activity, takes that decision out of the picture.  


And lastly, gift cards aren’t returned. I’m sure there has been a year where you received something you don’t like and the thought of waiting in long mall queues has forced you to keep the item. Returning gifts can be a headache, but since gift cards are close to cash, you allow them to choose a gift they most likely won’t return.

For the shopper, convenience is unmatched. You can buy gift cards during your errands or from the comfort of your home with a computer or mobile phone.  

How To Decide on The Perfect Gift Card Amount 

Now that you know all the special benefits of a gift card, how do you decide on the right amount. What is the perfect amount, what is too high, and what is considered rude. Firstly, you must consider the retailer. It’s important to look up the average cost of an item on the stores site, and base your card off that. Offering someone $25 dollars to IKEA for example, would do nothing for their goals of better home interiors. At White House Black Market, we have numerous options for under $100 that could help cover the cost of one of our coveted options.  

Now that you’ve decided on the amount, you might be wondering if you should disclose it. And the answer is yes, but in a discreet way. You don’t want the receiver to have to call the number on the back of the card or go to the website to have to locate the value. You could indicate the amount by saying “treat yourself to a matching set,” instead of saying “The value is $150.” The key is to be subtle.  

Do Gift Cards Expire? 

Expiration really depends on the provider. You should flip over the card and read the fine print to make sure you know all the details. You might see “no expiration date or fees,” or a specific year. In general, a gift card is good for five years, however it could be tacked with inactivity fees if you don’t use it for a long period of time.  


Choose The Perfect Holiday Gift With a WHBM Gift Card 

Offering a WHBM gift card gives space for the receiver to make a choice on what to buy. In order to not appear lazy and show them the beauty of the card, presentation is everything. You should never just give a gift card, but the delivery should be appropriate. You could give it with a card, a floral arrangement, or bottle of champagne. A gift card could also be a part of someone's present, an addition to the perfect gift. In that case, you could stick it in the bag with the rest of the gift.