Mother's Day with Larissa Mills + Ella Potter

Image: Larissa Mills + Ella Potter

There's something so beautiful about a mother-daughter relationship. When we see these powerhouse duos, we are reminded of the insane bond the pair can have, the deep connection and friendship that will never break, and the unconditional love and confidence in the relationship and each other. 

Every Mother's Day, buzzy social media profiles will highlight the mother figure that's important to them — detailing moments of inspiration, sound advice received over the years, and favorite moments.

This Mother's Day, we are shining the spotlight on one of our favorite mother-daughter powerhouses on social media: Larissa Mills and Ella Potter Mills, known as Ella Potter to her followers. On Instagram and TikTok, spaces that are often saturated with influencers encouraging followers to buy certain items or shop specific stores, Mills and Potter bring a refreshing spin to playful and highly curated OOTD's, occasional insight into daily activities, interiors of their home and quick snapshots of their travels. 
Together they have amassed over 350,000 followers. Their audiences not only resonate with their pure bond, but the timeless style that Mills brings, which doesn't lean into trends. Instead, it is evident of well-loved items that have been deliberately selected — and are clear indications that she has her capsule wardrobe down to a science. In her early 50s, a lot of Mills’ followers thank and salute her for inspiring and reassuring the over-50 set that style has nothing to do with age — as she showcases how to create looks with pops of color, bold prints and chic tailoring. 

Both Mills and Potter have a straightforward way of presenting their content on screen. It's always tasteful, energetic and to the point — nothing too forced in tone or style. 

To kick off our Mother's Day celebrations, we spoke to Mills and Potter about their connection, where they get their style inspiration from and how they would describe each other's fashion style. 

Larissa Mills

Image: Larissa Mills

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Describe motherhood in three words. 

Rewarding, joyful and challenging. 

What is the greatest joy you get from being a mother? 

Getting to see both my children, Ella and Henry, grow into who they are. Even the day Ella was born, I felt like I was most excited to see who she was going to become.  

How do you typically celebrate Mother’s Day?  

We are very low key! We usually have a nice breakfast at home and then go plant shopping and plant some things in the garden. 

How do you balance work life with your personal life?  

There have been some points in my life and career that did not work very well, but that's okay. There were times when I had to burn the candle at both ends, when both roles demanded it, but luckily it wasn't always that way. Caring less about cleaning the house or making beds, helped — need to pick your battles! 

Ella Potter

Image: Ella Potter

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How would you describe your mom in three words? 

Loyal and protective of her baby cubs. Number two is creative, number three, magnetic. 

Best advice or lesson your mom has ever shared with you? 

I don't know if she's explicitly ever shared this in words, but I feel like growing up I just always had the feeling or emotion of not having to rely on other people for validation. I just get to be my own person. 

What style tips have you taken from your mom? 

Not being afraid to mix different patterns and textures. 

How would you describe your style?  

My style is probably a mix of classic staples with a more relaxed, colorful beachy West Coast vibe. I usually mix brighter colors together. I like to steal my mom's button-downs and coats. I used to steal her bags, but I've started my own collection, so I won't have to! Oh, and I can't live without layering tees and undergarments.  

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