How to Wear a Relaxed Suit

Who said you can't relax on the job? The idea may have gotten its start with the invention of casual Fridays, and then took-off in a bold way during the pandemic's work from home ethos. Wherever it came from, comfort dressing is here to stay. And working women everywhere are thrilled.

But what precisely is a woman's relaxed suit? It has to do with simplicity and generous cuts without sacrificing on fit and tailoring. Relaxed suits aren't baggy or oversized, they're comfortable and elegant.

"What stands out on our suit is it's a fluid knit, so it's the relaxed vibe without being oversized," says WHBM Head Designer Danielle Konotop. "It fits close to your body on top and then it's a beautiful leg shape."

The suit Konotop is discussing has a slip-on wide leg pant that are an easy pull-on style, and a slip-on blazer that is tied around the waist instead of buttons. The gorgeous true indigo color shown is reminiscent of denim. But this feminine and flattering suit silhouette is available in other colors, including our brand's iconic white + black.

The Slip-On Blazer and WHBM® Slip On Wide Leg Pant in true indigo. Also available in black and ecru.

To make the most of your relaxed suit wear more fitted styles on top, such as WHBM® FORME or our Sleeveless Cutout Mock Neck sweater

Konotop adds that another advantage of our knit relaxed suit is that it's packable and won't wrinkle, making it ideal for travel and business trips.

Our relaxed fluid knit suit is also versatile and can be worn as separates. The blazer will look just as striking over a t-shirt and jeans, and the pant can be paired with a chunky sweater for a complete loungewear look that's still polished.

"That's the coolest thing about this suit," Konotop explains. "The trouser still looks like really nice dress pants, but they're cool. The comfort factor is what makes this a main piece for your wardrobe."

How to Wear a Relaxed Suit