Holiday Fashion + Family: The Power of Love Part 2

Power Sisters Wallette + Rachel

When we shot our holiday campaign in New York where we caught up with one of our models, Wallette, and her sister Rachel. The siblings, who are originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, and are five and a half years apart, shared with us how they've always been close, and how they inspire each other ever day..

What do you love about each other?

Wallette: All the things. I love her ginormous heart. Her kindness towards others and her ability to unconditionally love.

Rachel: What I love about my sister is she is literally the definition of joy. In the dictionary the definition is Wallette Watkins. She makes me laugh like no other in the world to the fact that I pee my pants. When I need a moment to breath and peace out, I go to her. She’s the best and it’s not just me. She makes everyone feel this way. Everyone she interacts with. Someone said recently about her “I want some of that.”

What is special about the bond between sisters?

Rachel: it’s unique. You go through life together. You can go through hard things, and it doesn’t end like a friendship can. It’s always there. Guys, relationships come and go, your parents might pass away, but you’ll always have each other.

Any memories or traditions you have with each other?

Rachel: We grew up loving the same things, the arts. We both love to sing, to dance, to perform. We both love to be creative, and we love to be creative together.

Wallette: One memory I have is that night we went out all night. It was the time we got tougher again. We danced in a lounge all night in New York. It was a sissy date night. And we literally danced the night away. We split our pants.

Rachel: I couldn’t walk the next day. It was the best time. All the people can come and go, but you come back to each other and you’re like home to me.

Why is it important to show how much you mean to each other?

Wallette: Not to get all morbid, but you never know how long you have with anyone.

I always want to tell you that I love you and you meant the world to me.

Rachel: It gives me life and goodness to share the good you give to me. It makes you feel better, and you go around the world a better person when you know you are loved.

What does Power of Love mean to you?

Rachel: No bounds. No limits. Superhero, out of this world, infinite- that’s the power of love. No bounds.

Wallette: Never ending circle. Superhero power of love.

What does wearing a red dress say to you about love?

Wallette: Red is bold. WHBM red is bold, confident and makes you feel powerful strong, independent. Like I own this place. I own this body. This mind, I feel gorgeous, and nothing can stop me. Throw on a red lip or red nails and go out on the town.

How do you feel about being able to do this photoshoot together?

Rachel: Today has been a dream come true. To be able to combine our lives and do it together have been amazing. My heart is fluttering.

Wallette: the energy is like no other. We are each other’s hype girls.

What are your favorite things to do together?

Wallette: We like to eat. We like to drink. She loves tacos. We both love sushi. I love Asian food. Our go-to is tacos or Caribbean food and a good margarita or rum punch. We love to go shopping in Soho. It’s intense but she is the one person I could actually shop with in Soho and it would be a good experiences. We love oysters and there is this one plac