Holiday Fashion + Family: The Power of Love Part 1

Power Couple Lauren + Adam

When we shot our holiday campaign in New York we were struck by the obvious love and affection between our model Lauren and her boyfriend of three years, Adam. The British pair were so adorable we have to dig deeper into what they mean to each other, and what the holidays, love, and fashion bring to their lives.

How did you two meet?

Adam: I saw Lauren on a TV show about Lauren’s model agency. Her name popped up so I sent her a message on Instagram.

Lauren: Very clever And you weren’t strange.

Do you live together?

Adam: We were separate until lock down.

Lauren: We moved into together.

What do you love to do together?

Lauren: I love to go to dinner with Adam. We find a good restaurant and sit for hours and try all the food.

Adam: My favorite thing to do with Lauren is to go on road trips. Every weekend it will be somewhere different, and we see new places.

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

Lauren: My favorite thing about Adam is how much he makes me laugh without trying to. He is just really funny to watch, and he is very, very sweet.

Adam: My favorite thing about Lauren is how generous, kind, and sweet you are… and funny!

Lauren, what does Adam do to make you feel special?

Lauren: It’s silly but he brings me coffee in the morning. It’s absolutely, adorable and makes me feel special.

Adam, what is your favorite thing that Lauren wears?

Adam: My favorite color on Lauren is red. It’s just pops on you with your skin tone.

Do you have any holiday traditions or memories?

Lauren: So, we met just before the holidays. Spontaneously in the afternoon, he drove down from the countryside where he was living. And we went for a drink in the only open bar. So that is our Christmas tradition is to go there. And he met my family on Christmas day.

Adam: Apart from that it’s low key. Harry Potter and Baileys.

What do you love about the holidays in general?
Adam: The thing I love most about the holidays is that you get to spend time with friends you normally don’t see throughout the year. Your family. You don’t have work and get to chill and se people.

Lauren: My favorite thing about the holidays is definitely relaxing, everyone is happy and thinking about each other and food. Love the food.

Lauren, describe your perfect date night with Adam…

Going to a pub and having a casual drink. Maybe playing a couple of board games, people watching. Then going to a really nice dinner. Coming back and watching a movie, that he stays awake for until the end.

What does the phrase "Power of Love" mean to you?

Lauren: The power of love gives me unlimited energy and compassion for the other person. You keep reaching new levels of love the more you know someone. It’s super powerful.

Adam: I never knew how powerful love was until I met Lauren.

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