Behind the Scenes with WHBM & The Pret Collection

The creative team at WHBM love their job, especially when they get to travel the globe to photograph each season's fashion designs. For spring 2023, the team headed south to Mexico's Izta-Popo Zoquiapan National Park, the site of Popocatépetl and snow-capped Iztaccihuatl, both active volcanoes, and among Mexico's highest peaks, known for its sweeping mountain views, making it a gorgeous backdrop for our model.

"We were shooting 12,000 feet above sea level," explains WHBM's Creative Director, Amy Sears. "We shot through the morning and took a very short break for lunch. When we went back to shoot it started pouring rain and a very bad storm moved in."

Sears says the team was told by a local guide that it was dangerous to stay where they were and if they did not leave the roads would turn to mud and they'd would be stuck. Sears and the crew returned to base camp and sat in the trailers and cars to see if the rain was going stop. "It did not look good," Sears admits. "I said I would give it 15 more minutes and then we would call the shoot off."


The crew sharing a laugh as they wait out the storm inside one of the passenger vehicles.

As luck would have it, after about 15 minutes the clouds parted and the sun came out. The crew jumped on the opportunity to continue to shoot. "We got the most amazing light and this beautiful rainbow. The volcano in the background which was a clean mountain in the morning was covered in snow by the storm. A national geographic photographer would kill for this shot with nature at its full beauty."


As you can see from the final image (top), with model Cris Urena (above), the results are simply breathtaking. Urena is wearing items from our new Pret Collection, the Pret Blazerette and High-Rise Pret-A-Jet Slim Ankle Pant in glazed praline, a flattering shade of toasted nuts.

Our team works hard to bring you inspiring images that show you how our clothes can uplift your wardrobe. So next time it rains on your parade, look up after the skies clear, and imagine what's at the end of the rainbow.