Be Iconic: Editors + Influencers On What Iconic Means


In 2024, we are thinking a lot about what it means to be iconic, who are icons are, and how to be an icon for others. Inside our brand we are asking ourselves what traits go into being an icon, when did we discover our icon, and how icons dress. For some, parents, spouses or friends could be your icon. You might identify them as responsible, stylish, intelligent, reliable, and well-mannered. Others might feel icons are powerful, confident, kind-hearted and a good person. Maybe for you it is a combination of these character traits. Or maybe, it's a great exercise in establishing how to be an icon for others.

To continue this momentum, in partnership with Factory PR, we hosted key fashion editors and influencers at Straub Studios in NYC to showcase our ICON collection, with a sneak peek at Spring '24. The collection, filled with our iconic palette of black and white, features everything from jeans to white tops that can be mixed and matched with other collections or paired with items inside the timeless assortment. Not only that, but iconic blazers and work pants that play into the powerhouse theme we have throughout our brand. At the event, each guest received a one-on-one walkthrough of the collection before getting into hair and makeup in preparation for headshot photos, lensed by sister duo The Tyler Twins.



The editors and influencers were also able to select from our accessories bar to match their iconic outfits. It was a full day of meeting great tastemakers and hearing who their icons are. "My icons are my friends," Blake Lawren, influencer shared. "I feel like I am surrounded by women that inspire, who uplift me, who pull me up when I am not in the right and I think that is just as important as having friends that uplift and support your decisions."

We also enjoyed hearing about their personal style choices vs professional takes. "I felt so powerful, strong, chic, and put together!" Olivia Hancock, editor at Byrdie shared.

Take a look at more of what the content creators had to say.


"You know what’s truly iconic? Being true to yourself & embracing your authenticity regardless of what societal norms and standards look like. Staying firm in who you are, what you believe in & what you look like? That’s iconic! I’m iconic… Be iconic. Thank you @whbm #whbmpartner #WHBMBeIconic #whbm"


"When @thetylertwins are behind the camera 🤩 Not a typical day, I assure you! I’m wearing my favorites from @whbm’s Icons Collection - confident, relaxed, polished. Pieces that will last season after season, year after year. I am in love with this color and how this fabric feels - such a fresh departure from typical black and navy suiting! Thank you @whbm for this incredible experience! #WHBMBeIconic #whbmpartner"


"What does it mean to be Iconic in your own right? It means trusting your instincts. Living outwardly and authentically. Having gratitude for the highs and lows that life provides. As well as being bold in your style choices and standing on business. @whbm @thetylertwins #WHBMBeIconic #whbm #whbmpartner"

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