The Styling Hacks to Nailing Quiet Luxury


Social media has a way of latching onto trends that then trickle down to all aspects and industries of our lives. Think cottage core, coastal cowgirl, Barbiecore, and more. The latest trend taking up space in fashion, beauty, and design is quiet luxury. In case you haven’t been tuned in, quiet luxury describes the type of under-the-radar luxury that doesn’t include known logos or flashy pieces that overtly display wealth. This confidence of luxury being hidden in plain sight is sophisticated and understated – powered by Gwyneth Paltrow’s courtroom style, Sofia Richie’s old-money daily aesthetic, and various capsule wardrobes that focus on timeless pieces (think: tailored blazers and well-fitting trousers) with high quality materials.  

What Is Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet luxury looks to be more strategic than fast fashion, capitalizing on sustainability and longevity over short-term trends. With a defined focus on thoughtful shopping and investment pieces, it cancels out logomania with its minimalist approach. Quiet luxury looks to have pieces that last, rather than ones that only trend for a season.  

It could be as simple as a crisp white t-shirt that might look ordinary from afar but presents its high quality and craftsmanship when you draw in closer. Or a trench coat passed down from a relative that has been kept in meticulous condition. Overall, think capsule wardrobe filled with staples that are polished, clean and forever versatile.  

Continuing to gain momentum, the “trend” claims to redefine what luxury looks like in 2023.    

Who Started Quiet Luxury?

Although quiet luxury is trending, the actual aesthetic of minimalist dressing has been around for decades. Many quote the resurgence to the hit HBO series, Succession, first premiering in 2018. The super-wealthy Roy family became a big conversation in fashion where immaculate handbags paired with ordinary-looking denim went viral. In fact, Google searches for “old money style,” “quiet luxury,” and “stealth wealth” raised by 990% after the first episode aired. 

With the help of Succession, leading the charge in the trend are the pared-back stylings from brands like Bottega Veneta, The Row and Khaite — proving that the lowkey approach to luxury was found in this non-trend trend called quiet luxury.  

Does Quiet Luxury Have to Be Expensive?

More strategic than other zeitgeist trends, quiet luxury places an emphasis on capsule wardrobes, sustainable fashion and long-term timeless pieces. Potentially propelled by the relaxed nature of the pandemic during stay-at-home era, it looks at buying less and establishing a wardrobe of higher value – either in design, details or price.  

Although social media might use the "money talks, wealth whispers," as a quiet luxury tagline, dressing to the so-called-trend doesn’t have to strain your wallet. To help you build out a quiet luxury closet of your own, we are listing our top styling hacks, along with affordable products to help you achieve the look. 

Our Top 5 Hacks for Quiet Luxury

Styling Hack 1: The Trophy Legging


Leggings that can be dressed up or down is a straightforward way into an expensive-looking wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable, but you can create multiple looks with the right pair.   

Styling Hack 2: The Do-It-All Blazer


Known for its menswear-inspired ethos, a blazer, like the WHBM® Studio Blazer, is a timeless piece of tailoring and a principal factor to nailing quiet luxury. If your style leans more feminine, opt for cinched-waist silhouettes, like the WHBM® Editor Blazer

Styling Hack 3: The Power Blouse


The power of a good quality power blouse should never be underestimated. Paired with a midi skirt, jeans or tucked into tailored trousers – the styling options are endless.    

Styling Hack 4: The Relaxed Trouser


Without compromising comfort for style, the classic relaxed trouser is a style staple to return to season after season. Typically, wide-legged, this silhouette is airy enough to wear in warmer months and comfortable enough to wear day to night.    

Styling Hack 5: The Versatile Jewelry


Quiet luxury seeks to go unnoticed with expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials that forgoes any obvious logos or brands. And it doesn’t stop at jewelry. Instead of flashy or chunky pieces, invest in simpler styles like dainty hoops, rings and bracelets that add an effortless je ne sais quoi without looking overdone. These pieces are perfect on their own and complement everything in your wardrobe. 

Is Quiet Luxury the Route to A More Sustainable Wardrobe?

Customers aside, lots of fashion companies are interested in quiet luxury for the sustainability element. The traditional fashion calendar sees brands producing new assortments per season, four edits a year. But with fast fashion continuing to be in demand, traditional brands have had to increase that number to compete, often left with a lot of excess inventory and fabrics from trend-based designs — leading to excessive waste.  

With quiet luxury at the forefront, brands can design for seasonless luxury, ultimately, reducing the impact on the ecosystem. Quiet luxury helps to avoid of-the-moment and disposable purchases, inspiring a more mindful and discerning approach to consuming fashion, without sacrificing style.  

What Are the Elements of Quiet Luxury? 

Quiet luxury takes on a less-is-more approach that draws attention away from status, and towards design, fabrication and wearability. If you are interested in high-quality, made-to-last staple items created with luxury materials and details, quiet luxury is the “trend” for you. And again, it does not have to cost you your entire paycheck. Chances are, you even have some pieces in your closet right now to build up this capsule wardrobe through a minimalist approach. And if you’re in need of a restock, head to our boutiques or online for more quiet luxury essentials.