6 Inspiring Separates for Seamless Travel


From weekend getaways to destination weddings, long-haul flights to road trips – regardless of how far you’re traveling or what mode of transit – feeling comfortable throughout a potentially long journey is at the top of our travel list. Sure, you can select from a plethora of leggings or some other form of athleisure to guarantee comfort, but looking fashionable in functional clothing is much harder to do.   

Fortunately, while you can’t control flight delays, dressing polished for all trips is possible with WHBM separates. Ahead, we highlight our styling travel hacks and the six items to add to your cart to make your next trip a lot more manageable, allowing you to focus on much more exciting aspects of your vacation.  

What Are The Best Fabrics for Traveling 

The material you select will make the biggest difference while traveling. Considering there can be a lot of movement throughout the day, it would be in your best interest to invest in fibers that are wrinkle-resistant in case you need to head straight to an event upon arrival. Think: cashmere, jersey, spandex and Tencel. These fabrics help wick away moisture, dry quickly and resist pilling; while Tencel feels like silk and dries quickly as well. All these hero materials will have a little give, while simultaneously looking put together. Another thing to look for is loose fitting clothing that is comfortable and breathable for unexpected travel days.  

What Should Go into Dressing For a Trip? 

Lots of inconveniences can occur when traveling: flight cancelations, missed connections, lost luggage or passport, increased car traffic, snoring seat mates, the list goes on. Piecing together the ultimate stylish outfit should not add to your concerns. Our top tip for travel day uniform: find something with pockets. As functional as handbags, backpacks or front-pocket carry-on compartments might aim to be, having a jacket or pants with pockets helps at storing key essentials you might need to whip out — passport, earphones and ChapStick being among the list.  


How to Build a Capsule Travel Wardrobe 

As for what you’ll actually wear while on the vacation, that can of course depend on where you are traveling to and the duration. But to avoid overpacking, might we suggest developing your very own capsule travel wardrobe.  

The concept is pretty simple: instead of panic packing and inserting every beloved and backup item into a suitcase, strategically pick 5-12 quality items that can be mixed and matched to dress up or down. To make getting dressed easier, you’ll want the items to be interchangeable, working in multiple settings.  

For this, we recommend layering pieces that can be added or removed throughout the day and 2-3 options in shirts and bottoms. 

The best thing about capsule wardrobes, aside from looking well-styled of course, is that they save a ton of space, allowing you to shop for a souvenir or two.   

What Are the Best Clothing Items You Need the Day of Travel? 


Breathable Tops 

Stylish tops made of cotton, linen, and wool will allow air and moisture to pass through quite easily. Breathable tops like the Short Sleeve Power Tee are loose enough to keep shape to the body but comfortable enough for sitting for extended periods of time. You can wear these from takeoff to touchdown – or dressed up for a night out while on vacation – pairing them with shorts, skirts, jeans, or a variety of other bottoms. It is also a clutch item if you forget a pajama shirt. Pro tip: avoid synthetic fabrics as they retain body odor more quickly.  

Scarf or Blanket 

Whether in public transit, a car, or a plane, temperatures can fluctuate rapidly. Wearing light layers is key to enduring unpredictable temperatures and bringing along a scarf or blanket will help when temperatures go south.  

Stretch-Tech Pants 

Space can be limited while traveling, especially if you’re going by plane. It’s best not to feel even more confined with tight pants, cinching at your waistline. That doesn't mean you have to avoid the polished look of jeans; it just means you should invest in denim like the Mid-Rise Everyday Soft Denim™ Bootcut Jeansor the High-Rise Mariner Wide Leg Jeansthat have a good amount of stretch and comfortable fabric to them. A well-crafted pair of stretch denim can take you from walking food tours to outdoor meals at a chic eatery. 

Light Cardigans 

Regardless of the season, arming your carry-on with a light knit like the Ribbed Cardigan will prepare you for in-flight chill and potential nippiness when the sun goes down while on your trip. They can be worn all buttoned up as a stand-alone piece, or over a shirt (hello, WHBM® FORME Rib Tank) as an added optional layer. Plus, wearing a layer on the route helps to free up space in your carry-on bag. 

Tote or Crossbody Handbag 

As your personal item, make sure you put all your essentials into one place that is outside of your main suitcase. This should include important documents, passport, tablet, phone, book, electronics, I.D. and wallet, keys, earphones and other essentials for a stress-free travel day. Likewise, a crossbody or shoulder bag like the Hobo Chain Shoulder Bag is also great for hands-free moments, doubling as a day bag for sightseeing or excursions. 


This goes one step further than a light cardigan. A throw-on-and-go covering like The Relaxed Blazer works perfectly as added warmth in-flight. Plus, made often with fashionable elements (elegant silverstone metal accents in this one) they look (and feel) great with jeans, dresses or skirts. 

For more seamless travel items, take a peek at our Passporter Collection.