5 Ways to Wear Jeggings


One of the great fashion debates is whether leggings are pants. While the problems of the world are myriad, troubling, and divisive, the leggings as pants quandary we can settle for your right now. The modern legging can indeed be worn as pants. Love them or hate them, leggings and their denim cousin, jeggings, are here to stay. But where did they come from?

Leggings have rather masculine beginnings in 14th Century Scotland when they were worn only by men. In fact, leggings as menswear were a thing for centuries – think Joseph Fiennes and Ben Affleck strutting around in tights in Shakespeare in Love –it wasn’t until the mid-twentieth Century that women took over the trend.

The modern leggings as we know them were helped along when Dupont created Lycra leggings in 1959 and soon the craze entered fashion circles with designers like Emillio Pucci including the skintight “pants” in their collections. Fast forward to the ‘80s when workout wardrobes ushered in leggings as a gym staple and the confusion began and has continued as to the garments rightful place in our closets and our lives.

One thing that’s beyond debate is that leggings are super comfy. And now that WFH has become normalized, comfort dressing for every facet of life is not only acceptable, but desirable.

Where do you fall on the leggings as pants spectrum? Should women wear such stretchy, comfy, and tight bottoms to the office or out on the town? And how should leggings and jeggings be styled? Some women choose a long tee or tunic to cover their behind, while others eschew modesty and opt for a bare midriff, or short top. It’s all about personal taste, isn’t it?


We at WHBM are committed to leggings and jeggings as versatile bottoms that you can dress up or down. That’s why our design team created the Jeanie, a super-soft and stretchy denim legging. Made from an adaptable stretch fabric to smooth curves, enhance fit, optimize comfort, and contour your body from hip to hem, the Jeanie is your perfect travel partner. We’ve also designed our jeggings to expand two sizes for a size inclusive fit, so if you gain or lose weight (and who doesn’t) then one pair is all you need. But trust us, you’ll want more than one.

Our denim legging has all the classic elements of jeans; faux front pockets, functional coin and back pockets, belt loops, front zipper and button closure. There is no outside seam which provides a streamlined look.


Since the Jeanie is a denim fabric, they closely resemble skinny jeans, only with a lot more stretch. Given denim is ubiquitous in the workplace the jegging is made for the office. Top it off with a feminine blouse and blazer to complete a polished look.


Jeggings and leggings are casual unless they’re not. Style jeggings with heels or tall boots – another legging quality we love is how easy they slide into boots – a sexy top such as a blouse or tee, add statement jewelry and you’re ready for dinner and drinks anywhere you please.


Eggs Benedict and a latte are two of our favorite brunch things. As is a look that is weekend worthy, but still chic. And here again, our Jeanie jegging does the trick. Comfortable for sitting around a table dishing with your besties, or even taking mom out, the jegging looks more “dressed” than the average legging. Pair with a floral blouse and booties for easy style.


Our jegging is your best travel partner. The lightweight, comfy, and stretchy fabric means you’re feeling good all day, no matter the length of that security line, or the hardness of those gate seats during the inevitable flight delay. And if you heading somewhere on a train or car, the way our new jeggings give and move with you, means you’ll feel as though you were wearing yoga pants, or dare we say it, pajamas?


If you and your partner, children, friends, or even dog, like to take long walks through parks, stroll the sites, or even window shop, the jegging is there for you. Try with classic Chelsea boots and sweater coat for a streamlined look. Once more, the denim jean look with leggings stretch, give you the best of both worlds – effortless style and endless comfort.


When shopping for jeggings, there are a few key factors you may want to keep in mind as you narrow down your options, including:

  • Zipper and button closures: The best way to give the appearance of jeans is to have a button and zipper at the top. Anyone who has worn denim leggings with snaps knows how untrustworthy they can be. And then there are the ones that simply pull up that often roll down throughout the day. Zipper and button closures offer both utility and stylistic value.
  • Stretch fabric: Top-of-the-line jeggings are made of fabrics that offer optimal flexibility. At the same time, the material should remain taut enough to keep everything in place and hold their shape. You want to find a balance between movement and structure.
  • Functional pockets: Lack of pockets can be a deal breaker. Jeggings with pockets can compete with the best pants to ever grace a closet. Be sure to check the material around the seam for any tears before purchasing.
  • Right hem length: These pants should comfortably meet the ankle. If they stop just above the ankle or the fabric groups at the top of the foot, they are not the correct length. If you're ordering online, be sure to check the inseam on the sizing chart to achieve that perfect fit.
  • Blend of cotton and spandex: Finding the perfect mix of fabrics is essential to the wearability of jeggings. For example, a blend of cotton and spandex makes them breathable yet stretchy.

Get started on your jeggings journey by adding a pair (or two) of our High-Rise Jeanie Denim Leggings, aka the Jeanie, to your wardrobe. They come in a choice of fits and hues to suit your style and taste and pair effortlessly with all of your favorites. Happy shopping!

5 Ways to Wear Jeggings