Together we're making a difference

living beyond breast cancer (LBBC)
has connected
countless people to the resources
they need to transform the experience of a diagnosis
into a journey of support, friendship and inspiration.

With your generosity, we’ve raised more than
$3 million to date for LBBC,
and have been
influential in changing the lives of many people.

For everyone affected by breast cancer,
LBBC is the best resource we know, providing
people with
trusted breast cancer information,
and a community of patients and caregivers.

From the LBBC community

From the
LBBC community

“I see the impact that LBBC’s supporters have on
people who turn to us for help. Our programs
give them encouragement as they live beyond
breast cancer. We couldn’t do it without you.”-LBBC Employee

“Your information has helped me and others
face breast cancer so that we can
communicate better with our doctors,
families and friends. Thank you!”-Patient

“Your support tells people they are not alone,
helping to lessen fear and anxiety.
You provide women with hope.”-LBBC Employee

“I just wanted you to know how much each
brochure means as it is placed in the hands
of someone that needs it so much!”-Patient

“Your unwavering support allows me to do my
job better, which provides an even greater
benefit to those who rely on programs and
services we provide.”-LBBC Employee

“Hearing from others is one of the most
important medicines for getting through. Living in
a small town can be isolating. Thank you for what
you do to keep me feeling encouraged!”-Patient

“From our humble beginnings to being mentioned
in the same breath as other breast cancer
charities is a testament to the work you have
helped fund through your generosity.”-LBBC Employee

Give hope Collection

We’ll donate a portion of the proceeds
of our new, limited-edition
Give Hope

to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.*

*Donation amounts vary by item. See item description for details.

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Each time you pin our butterfly, we’ll donate $1 to
Living Beyond Breast Cancer, up to $25,000.

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Artist Lana Moes created the stunning watercolor
designs for our Give Hope Collection.

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