The New Genius Dress.

The New Genius Dress. Celebrate her charm with a dress each bridesmaid can customize to her impeccable taste.

One Dress. Infinite Style.

One Dress. Infinite Style. So many options your bridesmaids will want to wear their Genius Dress again…and again…and again.

Match Makers.

Match Makers. No matter your wedding palette, we have the hue for you.

Keep it tonal or add a playful pop of color with coordinating accessories.

One Dress. Infinite Style.

A Look To Love. The striking contrast of black and white makes a chic, graphic statement for all your bridesmaids.

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4 Ways to Wear
the Genius Dress

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Classic Sleeveless

Use the two fabric loops to create shoulder straps by wrapping one around each sleeve and securing.

Draped Sleeve

Remove the fabric loops and set aside. Extend outer edge of straps to create sleeves.



Cinched Halter

Cinch both straps in the front to meet in the middle. Use one fabric loop to secure the halter in place.

One Shoulder

Pull one strap over head so that both straps are on the same shoulder.