In full swing. This summer, accessories go long, fluid and fringed.
Neutral Beaded Y-Drop Necklace
Coral Long Beaded Tassel Necklace
Golden Metal Tassel Necklace
Silvertone Jet Ribbon Tassel Necklace
Black Beaded Tassel Necklace
Black and White Tassel Pendant Necklace
Bergamot Flower Statement Necklace
Golden Bergamot Long Pendant Necklace
Golden Short Geometric Pave Necklace
Golden Geometric Pave Pendant Necklace
Golden Multi-Row Short Necklace
Metallic Beaded Multi-Row Necklace
Neutral and Golden Beaded Collar Necklace
Golden Metal Collar Necklace
Long Beaded Fringe Necklace
Convertible Golden Multi-Row Arrow Necklace
Coral Long Multi-Row Necklace
Short Mixed-Metal Snake Chain Necklace
Coral Cabochon Statement Necklace
Coral Filigree Statement Necklace
Coral Bead Golden Filigree Long Necklace
Golden Rivoli Stone Double Strand Necklace
Black and Silvertone Beaded Collar Necklace
Double-Strand Jet Chevron Necklace
Double Hexagon Convertible Short Necklace
Silvertone Leaves Y-Drop Necklace
Silvertone Geometric Pave Pendant Necklace
Silvertone Metal Collar Necklace
Silvertone Short Geometric Pave Necklace
Convertible Silvertone Multi-Row Arrow Necklace
Black Beaded Filigree Long Necklace
Black and White Faux Pearl Short Charm Necklace
Black & Silvertone Geometric Short Necklace
Black Silvertone Mesh Beaded Necklace
Black Multi Row Long Necklace
Jet Convertible Pendant Drop Necklace